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Finishing School Trivandrum

Finishing School Trivandrum

Your dream job:

Everyone has a dream of getting a good job. Even after spending money on donation and fees for our child’s education, when it comes to a job, everything is a mess-up. In the end, even after getting a job, becoming successful in that is merely impossible. The reason is, it is not suitable for us. The compulsion and stubbornness of the parents, usually force the children to give up their dream and pursue something that they are not interested in. Thus, they fail in their personal and professional lives. Bhavishya is implementing a change in this scenario. At Bhavishya, Finishing School Trivandrum, we scientifically identify genetic abilities in the candidate’s gene and make him or her brilliant in it.

Challenges faced by today’s generation in the job market:

A job of their choice is the dream of today’s generation. Our children are not being paid enough salaries even after spending lakhs on their higher education. This is a nightmare for the children and their parents as well. Delay in recognizing the genetic talent is the main reason for this. It is the similar situation where, someone who wishes to be a teacher turns into an executioner to fulfill the dream of their parents. This is creating a generation who are on the verge of suicide due to psychological and job oriented defeats. Bhavishya is aiming to change this scenario.

Bhavishya provides on the job training classes for two months. Admission is limited to 25 candidates initially. These candidates will have 100 % placement guarantee. On successful completion of the course, placement would be given. One will get the job of his interest. A tension free life is our promise.

Training at Bhavishya:

Bhavishya provides on the job training lasting for two months. Admissions are limited to 25 candidates initially. These candidates will have 100 % placement guarantee and are job oriented courses. The first stage of it is the scientific identification of talent in a candidate. A candidate who is talented in marketing will be provided a syllabus related to marketing with practical training by an experienced professional with the same profile and an internship will be provided on successful completion of the training. On successful completion of the same, the candidate will be placed immediately.

Beneficial for entrepreneurs:

Lack of talented resources is the biggest challenge for any start up project these days. Even after recruiting an experienced person with a high salary, the business does not grow as desired by the management that causes a mental stress and spoils the good relation between the employer and the employee which further leads to business failure. The root cause for this failure is finding the right talent for the job. We believe that there will be a solution for this at Bhavishya, Finishing School Trivandrum.

Training at Bhavishya -an asset for a bright future:

A successful life begins only when one gets a job according to one’s natural talent. Bhavishya is creating opportunity according to the aptitude in the gene of a person. For example, once we indentify a talent in marketing, he or she will be trained by an expert who has an experience of 10 to 20 years in Marketing and sales by sharing their experience with the candidate. Combination of knowledge from this training and the candidate’s aptitude will make the candidate suitable to work in any company without fear or doubt on the working skill. With this Talent search and Training in a scientific manner, anyone can gain professionalism from Bhavishya, Finishing School Trivandrum.

At Bhavishya, tests are conducted before providing internship.
Those who need training to know their self, to achieve success and to get training with combined modernity and technology will not be waiting much to reach Bhavishya for sure.

We offer jobs in the following domains:

  • Accounts
  • Finance
  • HR & Administration
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • R & D
  • Retail and Sales Center
  • Coordinators
  • Service Manager
  • Store Manager
  • BDO
  • Entrepreneur
  • Purchase & Inventory

Bhavishya is also one of the best CIMA Institute in Trivandrum with state of the art class room facilities.

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